Zen Clock


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Zen Clock

Size: 12cm x 3.5cm

Unique Interval Time

Set a timed sequence to suit your own practice, or when teaching a class. Balance the left and right sides of your body.

ENSO Display – Eliminates Time

The ENSO circular brushstroke is slowly drawn on the screen as the timer counts down, freeing your mind from distracting numbers.

Soothing Japanese/Tibetan Chimes

Choose between a range of gentle sounds for completion
of your timer or alarm.


I’m a huge fan of the ENSO Pearl!  With a selection of soothing chimes and bells, the Enso Pearl offers a wonderful alternative to the horribly jarring nature of most alarm clocks.  As a tool for Yoga practice it has helped me settle into my sitting meditation and restorative Yoga postures taking away the effort of sensing how long I have been in a posture.  

As a teacher I use the ENSO Pearl to alert me to how long I have been lecturing, to create timed sequences when students are asked to work in pairs, and also to ensure that students spend the same amount of time on each side of the body when postures are held for longer timings.  

Without exception, whenever I use my ENSO Pearl in class I have a line of students afterwards wanting to know where they can get one.
Now we have a local source!

‘ Donna Farhi, Author of Bringing Yoga to Life and
Teaching Yoga: Exploring the Student-Teacher Relationship’


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