Yoga Block – Natural Cork, Bevelled Edge


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1-9 @ $34.00
10+ @ $32.00


Natural Cork, Bevelled Edge Yoga Block (Single)

Size:  22cm x 7.5cm x 15cm

Our standard Yoga Blocks are made from high density foam, with either straight or bevelled edges.  Our deluxe Yoga Blocks are made from 100% all natural cork from the bark of the Cork Oak Tree.  Cork is a completely ECO-friendly material, both renewable and sustainable.  All of our Yoga Blocks are lightweight, strong and durable, making them safe and simple to use.

Yoga blocks provided invaluable support and/or height during standing yoga postures.  These blocks can also help improve your alignment and flexibility, offering added extension and support within various yoga poses.  Yoga blocks can be placed underneath your hands, feet, hips or head for added comfort and stability, as instructed by your Yoga Teacher.  All of our Yoga Blocks are also suitable to sit on.